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Battery SuperCharge Gold + MF44


Superior starting power and reserve capacity for high performance vehicles. Offers widest range of batteries for Japanese, American & European makes and models. Application For heavy duty vehicle use.
Popular automotive, 4wd, Truck, Farm and Industrial. Features

Full 40-months* warranty. Fully sealed cover design, minimizes water electrolyte evaporation or leakage. EXG Grids for superior strength against corrosion and overcharging, with added SNT for enhanced Life & Power.

Also known as: 1344, 37A, DIN44LMF, DIN44 Volts : 12, CCA : 510, RC: 70, Length : 214, Width : 175, Height : 175, TH : 175Wet Weight : 12.7kg, Assembly : CTerminal Type : STD, Other Features : CV, FDH, HE, EL, FL, RT 

Nation Wide Warranty: 40 months