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Batteries & Aerosols are Click & Collect or Perth Metro Delivery Only
Batteries & Aerosols are Click & Collect or Perth Metro Delivery Only

External Tyre Pressure Monitoring System TPS9

by Oricom
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The TPS9 Tyre Pressure Monitoring System unit utilises solar powered technology in the display unit, and sensors installed directly on the wheel valve stem.

Benefits of a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Prolong the life of your tyres
Tyres that are under-inflated will wear up to 45% faster.

Reduce Driving Risk
Tyre inflation contributes to the handling of the vehicle. Ensuring correct inflation will limit the risk of an accident due to handling issues.

Improve Fuel Efficiency
Correctly inflated tyres will ensure optimal fuel consumption, as driving on under-inflated tyres will increase fuel consumption by approx. 5%

    • Solar powered display unit
    • Long lasting display unit battery life
    • External sensor battery life CR1632 – approx.2 years
    • Replaceable external sensor battery
    • IPX7 Waterproof rating
    • Wireless transmission between sensor and display unit
    • Adjustable threshold value
    • Auto brightness on display
    • Real time monitoring with pressure and temperature at a glance
    • Compact design
    • Visual and audio alarm
    • Optional Micro USB input
    • Intelligent sleeping mode for power saving
    • Easy to install
    • High/low pressure warning
    • Sensor failure warning
    • 12 Month warranty
Product contains button battery/(ies).