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Batteries & Aerosols are Click & Collect or Perth Metro Delivery Only
Batteries & Aerosols are Click & Collect or Perth Metro Delivery Only

Battery Types


Starting and deep cycle battery all in one. Application 4WD, motor home/camping, marine & leisure power requirement Features

Full 12-months* warranty. High density plate formulation for superior cranking with cyclic ability. Improved heat and vibration tolerance for long service life. EGX Technology.Maintenance-Free, "No need to add water"


SuperCharge starting plus deep cycle batteries are used for a vast number of purposes to suit the needs of the consumers. The difference is how much power is delivered and how long it needs to be delivered.

SuperCharge deep cycle batteries provide power to electrical accessories, such as lights, trolling motors or winches. It is built to provide a low, but steady level of power for a longer period of time.

Deep cycle battery with long running power and low current drain.
For campervan, golf carts.
Full 12-months* warranty. High density plate design to deliver constant power supply without loss of capacity. Prevents damage to plate's active material due to vibration. Built to withstand multiple extensive discharge and re-charge cycles




* Climate-balanced

* Pro-framed grid design for all plates

* Superior lead connections

* Maintenance free design

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Gold + Series

Superior starting power and reserve capacity for high performance vehicles. Offers widest range of batteries for Japanese, American & European makes and models. Application For heavy duty vehicle use.
Popular automotive, 4wd, Truck, Farm and Industrial. Features

Full 40-months* warranty. Fully sealed cover design, minimizes water electrolyte evaporation or leakage. EXG Grids for superior strength against corrosion and overcharging, with added SNT for enhanced Life & Power.


120AH 12 Volt Lithium Battery Li120

Every now and then, a technological breakthrough occurs that has a major impact on the Australian recreational vehicle industry. One such breakthrough that is creating a lot of buzz and excitement is the iTECH120 lithium battery. The iTECH120 is a 120 Amp Hour lithium battery that has been designed and developed by Australian, family owned and operated company iTechworld. Currently, lead acid RV batteries dominate the market in Australia, but there’s a superior alternative to these traditional heavy batteries. That alternative is the iTECH120. Older tech Lithium batteries have been around for years, but the tech has never been up to the standard of the iTECH120. The biggest issue with older lithium being that a specialized charger was required to re-charge. The design and development team at iTechworld have studied the market and have brought together the most advanced battery available anywhere in the world. As iTechworld are proudly Australian they have used lithium sourced in Western Australia for their iTECH120.

The main benefit of the iTECH120 is that it weighs considerably less than your existing lead acid batteries. Most 120 Amp Hour deep cycle batteries weigh upwards of 30kg the iTECH120 lithium battery weighs just 13kg, yes you did read that correctly, just 13kg! Three years of development on the iTECH120 has enabled iTechworld to pre-install advanced battery technology into each unit. This is what sets the iTECH120 in a class of its own, the Redback Lithium Operating System™️  technology has been patent pending and is exclusive to iTechworld The iTECH120 is the only lithium battery suitable for inverter use as it has an extremely large discharge current, you can pull a a massive 280 Amps from the iTECH120, most other lithium batteries only let you take approx 50 Amps making them almost useless. The  Redback Lithium Operating System™️ (patent pending) has been designed specifically for the demanding Australian market. This internal technology allows you to hook up to 4 iTECH120 batteries together in parallel or series. The pre-installed internal technology also allows you to use existing charging systems such as battery chargers and solar panels.

No changing of systems, equipment or extensive re-wiring is required. You simply pull your old heavy batteries out (if your back allows it) and put the new lightweight iTECH120 in. It’s as easy as that. The iTECH120 is the only drop-in upgrade for your existing old and heavy batteries, one iTECH120 battery is the equivalent to 200AH in AGM. You are probably already familiar with the tedious process of replacing a lead acid battery once every two or three years. This is a thing of the past as an investment in an iTECH120 battery will give you a much more modern, clean and light weight power source that can do 4 times as many cycles as your lead acid battery. A cycle is how battery life is measured each cycle is measured as one full discharge and then one full re-charge of a battery. A standard lead acid battery can cycle approx. 500 times. The ITECH120 can do approx. 2000 times. The iTECH120 is the only lithium battery with true 280A maximum discharge. The iTECH120 is the only lithium battery in the world with the Redback Lithium Operating System™️ (patent pending) installed as standard. This is the heart beat of the battery and makes it the only true drop-in upgrade lithium battery.



SuperCharge marine starting battery range has been among the leading marine batteries through the years. Powered with the Expanded Grid Technology (EXG), the SeaMaster gives boating enthusiasts the power needed to meet the demands of their marine application and the heavy pounding of the rough seas.
Marine Maintenance Free Battery
SuperCharge maintenance free marine battery delivers superior starting power and reserve capacity with longer service life. It can withstand the vibration and shock of boating with a long warranty guarantee. No need to top-up water, truly a "FIT and FORGET" battery.


SuperCharge automotive batteries are engineered with a cutting edge technology providing reliable assurance of its superior performance and convenience. It offers the widest range of Maintenance Free and Low-maintenance automotive batteries.
Maintenance Free Battery

SuperCharge maintenance-free automotive batteries are designed using the advanced technology that can withstand the extreme driving conditions in Australia. The unique composition of the EXG calcium plates extends the battery's shelf or useful life and significantly reduces water loss. No need to top-up water, truly a "FIT and FORGET" battery.

Consistently high starting power and reserve capacity for normal everyday use. Offers widest range of batteries for Japanese, American & European makes and models. Application For normal everyday use.
Popular automotive, 4wd, Truck, Farm and Industrial. Features

Full 30-months* warranty. Calcium expanded plates, superior grid strength against corrosion and overcharging. EXG Technology. Maintenance-Free, "No need to add water"