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Permatex Threadlocker Med Blue 24010

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SKU 686226240101

Is this product for you?

Permatex Threadlocker Blue is an all-purpose medium-strength threadlocker. If you need to prevent loosening, leakage, and corrosion in the threads of fasteners such as bolts and screws, you can use this thread-locking fluid (threadlocker).

Where can you use it?

This Permatex threadlocker eliminates the need for lock nuts and lock washers, prevents parts loosening due to vibration, and protects threads from corrosion. Once applied, it is removable with hand tools for easy disassembly. Red can be used with valve cover bolts, water pump bolts, oil pan bolts, drive shaft bolts, rocker arm adjustment nuts, carburettor studs, and more.


  • All-purpose, medium strength threadlocker
  • Service removable
  • Ideal for fasteners 1/4" to 3/4"
  • 10mL tube