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Batteries & Aerosols are Click & Collect or Perth Metro Delivery Only
Batteries & Aerosols are Click & Collect or Perth Metro Delivery Only

Penrite Race Castor Oil 20W-40 Syn. RCAS001

by Penrite
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10 Tenths Race Castor is an ashless SAE 20W-40 engine oil manufactured from high quality castor vegetable oil, synthetic ester, anti-corrosion additives and an advanced anti-oxidant. The synthetic base fluids are specially blended to produce SAE 30 and SAE 40 classifications. This helps to reduce or eliminate traditional problems such as lacquers and deposits.
10 Tenths Race Castor has retained all of the advantages of a castor-based product, including a naturally higher and stronger film strength, very high load carrying capacity, better wetting properties and reduced power loss due to friction.

10 Tenths Race Castor is designed for use in Ultra-high speed two stroke engines such as International Class Go Karts (Ratio 16:1), model aircraft engines and other high performance engines requiring a castor based oil.

10 Tenths Race Castor is also recommended for classic two and four stroke engines where the owner wishes to use a Castor based oil rather than mineral based oil. It is also suitable for use where monograde SAE 30 Castor based products are used or recommended. This product may also be used as a premix in two stroke applications with both petrol & methanol fuels.

10 Tenths Race Castor contains corrosion inhibitors to combat potential problems with excess moisture being present when running on methanol.

10 Tenths Race Castor is suitable for use in two stroke engine premixes. It can be mixed with fuels such as unleaded and leaded petrol, E85, Avgas, Methanol and Racing Fuel. Due to a limited storage life, product should be mixed just prior to use. Please establish compatibility and stability before attempting to use in engine.

Note Do not mix Race Castor Oil with mineral oils.