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Batteries & Aerosols are Click & Collect or Perth Metro Delivery Only
Batteries & Aerosols are Click & Collect or Perth Metro Delivery Only

Grease Penrite Moly 450gm MOLY00045

by Penrite
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  • Molygrease EP 3% is an all purpose, NLGI 2, high temperature grease. It features a lithium soap base with premium quality base oils and molybdenum disulphide (moly) for added protection.

    Molygrease EP 3% is used for general grease applications in automotive and industrial service areas.

    Molygrease EP 3% is particularly suitable for use where the grease is likely to be exposed to the weather and/or squeezed out. In these applications, a thin film of molybdenum will provide some measure of protection until the component can be re-greased.

    Molygrease EP 3% is recommended for use on ball joints, king pins and universal joints. It can also be used on CV joints and as a general chassis grease.

    Molygrease EP 3% is a highly effective industrial grease and may be used in plain bearings, slow speed industrial bearings (not anti-friction), vibrating and wet environments, general plant lubrication and in agricultural and construction equipment lubrication.

    Molygrease EP 3% has a recommended Operating Temperature Range from Minus 20° to +130°



    • General Purpose


    • Plain Bearings


    • Deck Equipment
    • Winch Gears

    Mining & Construction

    • King Pins/Shackles
    • Vibrating Conditions
    • Wet Environments
    • Pins

    Truck & Bus

    • Chassis
    • General Purpose
    • Trailer Couplings
    • Universal Joints
    • Fifth Wheel


    • Low Speed
    • High Load
    • Shock Loads
    • Sliding Surfaces/Splines
    • Wet Environments
    • Journal Bearings


    • Chassis
    • General Purpose
    • CV Joints
    • Universal Joints
    • Ball Joints
    • Tie Rod Ends
    • Door Hinges


    • Hinges
    • Garage Door Locks
    • Window Winding Mechanisms
    • Bicycles
    • Gate Latches
    • Gate Hinges
    • Garage Door Hinges
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