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Batteries Can Only Be Delivered to Port Kennedy WA & Perth Metro Areas - Please Phone Us on 08 9524 6444
Batteries Can Only Be Delivered to Port Kennedy WA & Perth Metro Areas - Please Phone Us on 08 9524 6444

MyTag GPS Locator Xtrak

by MyTag
 10 weekly payments of $29.90 learn more

XTraK - the GPS Locator with a 3 year battery life !!! 

Thieves target expensive assets that are easy to steal, dismantle and sell on.  Caravans, trailers, motorbikes, boats, bikes, outboard motors - thousands are stolen every week, and more than 80% are never recovered.  

Protect your most important assets with XTraK. 

XTraK will deliver up to 3 years of GPS location services on a single battery!  No wiring, no installation.  Just hide it in your favourite thing, or use the included magnetic mounts or screws to put it where thieves are unlikely to look. 

Rugged, IP67 waterproof, IK10 shockproof - this is our ultimate "set & forget" GPS locator.  No wiring, no installation.  Ideal for your caravan, trailer, boat, car, bike, outboard, literally anything you want to protect long term. 

Key Features

Battery Life

  • Up to 3 years on a single replaceable battery
  • Intelligent updates - only transmits new location when it moves
  • Easily replace battery (when you eventually need to!) 

Easy Setup:  

  • Simple - just press one button to start!
  • No wiring, no installation - just set and forget!
  • Free 12 month subscription voucher, no SIM or data plan needed.  Further subscriptions from just $49 per year. 

Better than just GPS: 

  • Full GPS satellite location
  • 3 axis accelerometers -  gives intelligent alerts if it moves
  • Doesn't use the mobile phone network - thieves cannot use a GSM jammer to stop it working

Safety & Alerts

  • Set safety zones (geofences) and be alerted if the XtraK moves in or out 
  • In-built Alert Button - simply press to send emails with your location to people you nominate
  • XTraK works in Australia, New Zealand and many overseas countries with no additional roaming charges

Latest IoT Technology 

XTraK is powered by the Sigfox 0G IoT Network.  This revolutionary network already covers 85% of the Australian population & 93% of New Zealand population, and is rolling out rapidly 

Sigfox is special.  It combines low power and low bandwidth with extreme range.  We have personally tracked fishing boats over 60km off the coast of Sydney on the continental shelf. 

The result - XTraK delivers with a battery life in years, not hours.  Protect your prized asset - and get the ultimate peace of mind of knowing the things you care about most are protected, and can be recovered quickly if stolen.