MRV48 SuperCharge All Rounder

MRV48 SuperCharge All Rounder

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Starting and deep cycle battery all in one. Application 4WD, motor home/camping, marine & leisure power requirement Features
Full 12-months* warranty. High density plate formulation for superior cranking with cyclic ability. Improved heat and vibration tolerance for long service life. EGX Technology.Maintenance-Free, "No need to add water"

Also known as: D48, 46T, 47T, ED4, ED4R

Volts : 12, CCA : 525, Amp hour rating : 60AH, RC: 100, Length : 237, Width : 171, Height : 182,

Terminal Height : 208, Wet Weight : 16.1
Assembly : D

Terminal Type : Dual Fit Aligned Terminals
Other Features : Central Venting, Fold Down Handles, Hydro Eye, Front Ledges, End Ledges
Warranty : 12mths