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Coolant Impact Long Life Premix 33% Red-5LT

by Impact
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SKU 9319685114485

Premix fill Coolant red is a general purpose ready to use automotive cooling system corrosion inhibitor. It is suitable for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. It contains a mixture of highly efficient corrosion and rust inhibitors developed for the newest generation of modern vehicles.

Premix coolant red provides long-life corrosion protection for aluminium and ferrous alloys and is fully compatible with the rubber hoses and plastics used in engine cooling systems.

Premix coolant red exceeds the requirements of Australian/New Zealand standard AS/NZ 2108.1:1997 Type B.

Premix coolant red contains 300g/Lt ethylene glycol. It is an anti-freeze/anti-boil type coolant, should not be used in conflict with engine manufacturer’s recommendations. It will not reverse pre-existing corrosion problems.

Use premix coolant red “as is” into your coolant system as a corrosion inhibitor. Do not dilute with water. If required, top up with premix red to avoid a rundown in concentration.

Replace coolant red at 48 month/250,000 kilometre intervals. It may be replaced more frequently depending on engine and driving conditions, or engine manufacturer’s requirements.

To avoid possible incompatibility problems, do not mix red coolant with any other inhibitors or coolants.

Product Benefit

  • Lasts –  48 month/250,000 kilometre intervals
  • Long-life corrosion protection for aluminium and ferrous alloys
  • Exceeds the requirements of AU/NZ standard AS/NZ 2108.1:1997 Type B