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Bucket Greaser Toledo 305220

by Toledo
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  • Designed for high volume, high pressure applications such as earth moving and agricultural equipment, where rapid volume greasing is required
  • Pump constructed from heavy-duty cast iron for consistent high pressure greasing and includes valve for air bleeding
  • Includes spring loaded steel follower plate for removing air pockets from grease
  • Comes complete with 10 kg (22 lb) in built steel grease bucket to enable use with varying sized buckets
  • Comes with 2 m high pressure rubber hose fitted with steel connector and coupler

Step 1:
Assemble the lever handle by screwing it on to the female threads provided on the slot in the handle bracket.

Step 2:
Open the 3 drum cover clamps and remove the complete drum cover and pump assembly.

Step 3:
Clean the grease drum from inside to make sure that the container is clean and free from contaminants.

Step 4:
Fill the grease drum with bulk grease and leave approximately 25mm (1”) of space from the top edge of the grease drum. The container would be full with 10 kg (approx. 22.1 lbs) of grease.

Step 5:
NOTE: Never fill spilled lubricants from the floor into the grease drum. These may be contaminated which may damage internal parts of the pump.

Step 6:
Place the pump assembly back onto the grease drum with the steel follower plate resting on the grease inside. Push the drum cover onto the edge of the grease drum. This action would be against the pressure of the follower compression spring and will compress the grease inside, forcing any trapped air to escape. Clamp the drum cover onto the grease drum using the 3 cover clamps.

Step 7:
Start the pump by moving the lever handle. It may take several pumps for grease to flow out through the 2.2 metres of hose. Once grease comes out the end of the hose the pump is to ready use.

Step 8:
NOTE: In the unlikely event of no grease discharge, the most probable cause is trapped air pockets inside the grease. These air pockets can be removed by opening the air bleeder valve on the cast iron pump head (opposite the discharge outlet).

Once the air bleeder valve is opened, start operating the lever handle until there is grease discharge from the air bleeder valve port. Once grease is coming out and air has ceased, the air bleeder valve can be re-tensioned.