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Ark PowerPack 3 Battery Box DA25

by Ark
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New 2018 Model available now. Great dual battery system alternative! Portable 12v power where ever you go.

Now includes a 2.5amp 240v AC &  DC - DC car Smart charger & two USB sockets to charge your electronic devices on the an Anderson plug adaptor ideal for charging your battery via solar panel.

The Ark Powerpack 3 has an built-in 6 Stage 2.5amp Smart Charger which ensures the battery is correctly charged and conditioned at all times with charge, bulk, boost,resting, conditioning and re-awaken stages of charging. These stages are all auto, so you can just leave your battery connected to 240v power at home or via the 12v cigarette lighter adaptor in car without further worry or maintanence.

Key Features

• Built-in 6 stage 2.5 amp smart charger that conditions and prolongs the life of your battery.
• Fuse protected 10 amp, 12V DC accessory socket
Powers and recharges all your essential and non-essential 12V devices.
• Removable Keyed battery isolator: for maximum safety and sercurity
• Protected external terminals: 2 x high current 12V terminals
• Tough, weather resistant case: protects your battery from dirt, dust and moisture
• FREE Mounting brackets: for securing and also quick release
• 12 months Australia Manufacturer warranty

The Ark Powerpack 3 is the ideal 12v portable power battery box for 4WD, Camper Trailer, Boating or caravanning. It also features an easy to read monitor power level monitor.

Ark DA25 Includes

• Ark Power Pack 3 model DA25
• 240v Mains Charger lead Included
• 12v In Car Lighter Charger lead so you can charge the battery box on the go!
• Anderson Connection Lead
• 2x Hold down brackets & screws

Technical Specifications


Length 330 mm
Width 180 mm
Height 240 mm


Length 360 mm
Width 240 mm
Height 320 mm

Please note this unit accepts 12v car size batteries - NOT truck size batteries

Appliances Rating Hours

Refrigerator 37L (12V)  30W   170hrs
Television 19" LED (240V) 18W  80hrs
Communications devices (12V) 10W  96hrs
Laptop (240V) 12W 120hrs
Winch 1130kg @ 75% load (12V) 1200W 0.5 (30mins)
Spot light 4600 lumens (12V) 100W 10hrs
LED light 320 lumens (12V) 3.2W 300hrs

Important: Appliance guide is based on the Powerpack 3 being fitted with a 12V 130ah deep cycle battery. Rating and running times are a guide only, dependent on the use and conditions.

We sell a range of batteries to suit, depends where you live as to how cost effective it is to purchase due to weight and freight options. You will find our battery prices very competitive - IF it's to a major city and you are able to give us a daytime address for delivery our pricing is excellent. Just send us an email for pricing.

Accepts all main battery types: Gel, Calcium, AGM and Lead Acid. Accepts all battery sizes up to 130 amp hour.

ARK Powerpack 3 FAQ

What size battery can it take? The Powerpack can accept up to 130Ah battery

How long will it last? Depends on the overall current draw, we tested the Powerpack fitted with a 130Ah battery and it ran a 40L Waeco fridge for up to 6 days.

What is the built in charger? The built in charger is a 1.5amp smartcharger designed to charge, condition and maintain the battery over prolonged periods of time. This charger works from 240V mains power only.

What types of batteries are compatible with the Powerpack 3? The Powerpack can accept Lead Acid, GEL and AGM batteries

Can I connect an inverter to the Powerpack? Yes, you can connect an inverter directly to the battery terminals or accessory socket on the Powerpack 3

Can I charge from my vehicles 12V outlet? Yes via the included in car lighter adaptor charger now provided

Can I charge from Solar Panels? Yes, you can connect your solar panels directly to the top terminals or accessory socket on the Powerpack 3, this method charges the battery directly and bypasses the built in charger

Can I charge from my vehicles alternator? Yes, you can charge from your vehicles alternator by setting up the Powerpack 3 as an auxiliary battery through a dual battery system, this method charges the battery directly and bypasses the built in charger or via the included in car lighter adaptor charger now provided

Can I charge from a generator? Yes, you can charge from a generator using the 240V adaptor or if the generator has charging leads you can connect them to the top terminals on the Powerpack 3

Can I charge and use the Powerpack 3 at the same time? When charging with the built in charger, it is not recommended to charge and use the Powerpack at the same time. If you are charging from Solar panels or from your vehicle, you can charge and use the Powerpack at the same time because you are bypassing the built in charger

Can I jumpstart vehicles with the Powerpack 3? Yes, you can jump start from the Ark Power pack only if the battery you place in the Powerpack has high cold cranking amps which are designed to start vehicles.