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21% Off Rhino & 20% Off Gladiator Batteries

Hand Winch 3200kg HW3200

by Various
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SKU HW3200
  • Must have accessory if don’t have electric winch.
  • Doesn't rely on vehicle's power system.
  • Can be used and transferred between vehicles. 
  • Easy to carry and setup for recovery.
  • Set of jaws inside the unit
  • Clamps wire cable and pull it through unit.
  • Can operate in both forward and reverse.
  • Shear pins installed in winching handle as saftey precaution.
  • Comes with spare pins located in handle.
  • Simple to use.
  • Stopping during recovery is not recommended.
  • Recommended to use w/ snatch block to reduce strain.
  • Only use genuine wire cables.
  • Don't replace cable w/ one that has different specs. to original.
  • Rated foward hand power (N) 438
  • Rated capacity 3200kg
  • Rated forward travel (forward & backward) (mm) ≥28
  • Wire Cable dimensions 20m x dia (mm) 16
  • Maxmimum travelling load 4000kg
  • Net weight 23kg
  • Unit dimensions (mm) 660 x 325 x 116